Waveland City Government

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Charles Piazza's answers

1) What do you think are the three most important issues now facing the City of Waveland?

a) housing
b) reworking of gas and sewer lines city wide
c) zoning

2) What role, if any, do you see "Smart Code" playing in out future development?

Smart code is a complex system of mixed use zoning and design standards.
For example: Three to four story buildings offering both housing and commercial spaces. Coleman Ave. has had this in place before hurricane Katrina.

3) How do you feel about the vision of Waveland that came out of the recent planning "charrette" sponsored by the Governor's Commission? What actions if any, should the city take to implement the plans?

The "charrette" offered higher density City areas with places to live and work, and areas that follow Smart Code building.

4) How do you stand in regards to the proposed marina at the foot of Coleman Ave and why?

When I served on the Board of Aldermen from 1998-2002, I voted against the marina. My reason for this "no vote" is that I felt it would put an extra tax burden on out citizens if the marina could not be self supporting.

5) Should current single-family zoning along Beach Blvd. be changed to allow more high- density development? Why or why not?

If this was to change on the beach front, I feel that out residents in surrounding areas would be forced to sell their property and move some place else. We need out residents to come back home, not be driven away.

6) What impact do you feel that the county's plan for a major resort district adjacent to Waveland have on the community?

This would be similar to a double edge sword. This would give Waveland an increased tax revenue, but also put more traffic on out local streets.

7) The officials of Bay St. Louis and Hancock County are currently making efforts to coordinate comprehensive plans. Would you lend support to Waveland joining the effort? Why or why not?

I cannot answer this question at this time.

8) There has been exploration by the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland in regards to combining the two City's governments (or at least some services) to save money. How do you feel about suck proposals? What services or departments, if any, do you think might benefit from such cooperation?

At the time, I do not think it would be feasible to merge the two cities. But the option of merging police and fire departments should be looked at. Merging these two departments could perhaps lower insurance costs to residents, while increasing the manpower of these departments.


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