Waveland City Government

Friday, September 15, 2006

Brian Schmitt's answers

1. What do you think are the three most important issues now facing the city of Waveland? Please list by priority.

Infrastructure rebuilding

2. What role, if any, do you see “Smart Code” playing in our future development?

Like any plan, it hasa its good and bad points. I think by updating our comprehensive plans and ordinances we can achieve some of the things in the “Smart Code.” We could hold workshops to school ourselves (city officials) and the citizens of Waveland and also extract those parts that will work for the city.

3. How do you feel about the vision of Waveland that came out of the recent planning "charrette” sponsored by the Governor’s Commission. What actions, if any, should the city take to implement the plans?

I think Coleman Avenue could be a place that we could start implementing some ideas form the charrette provided the businesses/property woners agree. Any part of that process that could possibly land us state or federal funding should be explored.

4. How do you stand in regards to the proposed marina at the foot of Coleman Avenue and why?

Didn’t know one was proposed. I am for some type of commercial growth at the foot of Coleman Avenue. If that development is a marina ooor any associated business that rings debt to the city, the citizens of Waveland should vote on the approval of such.

5. Should current single-family zoning along the beach be changed to allow more high-density development? Why or why not?

I am against high-rise condos on the beach. I think there are other alternatives.

6. What impact do you feel that the County’s plans for a major resort district adjacent to Waveland would have on the community?

I have concerns on whether or not the infrastructure can handle the development and whter or not the county will provide for Waveland the money/services needed to maintain that part of the infrastructure that will be affected by increased traffic, waste water, etc.

7. The officials of Bay St. Louis and Hancock County are currently making efforts to coordinate comprehensive plans. Would you lend support to Waveland joining the effort? Why or why not?

Yes. Waveland is only an inhale or exhale of breath away from Bay St. Louis and the county. With a coordinated effort, you might not know when you leave one and enter another. Working together we can maximize the funding we receive on the rebuilding effort.

8. There has been exploration by the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland in regards to combining the two city’s governments (or at least some services) to save money. How do you feel about such proposals? What services or departments, if any, do you think might benefit from such cooperation?

After looking into this further and listening to the people, the idea of the two cities combining is not one I would support. Sharing any service would be first and foremost have to benefit the citizens of Waveland. I think we should being with looking at ourselves for ideas that will save money.


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