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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Proposal to the Candidates

We sent out the following letter to all 18 candidates (both mayoral and aldermen) running for office. The letters were mailed via priority mail with delivery confirmation on October 18th, 2006:

Dear Waveland Candidate,

Coastal Community Watch would like to offer you a unique and free way to reach hundreds of potential voters. If you’d like to participate in this new community service, please read the instructions below and contact us immediately with your e-mail address and/or cell phone number. We need this information BEFORE the primaries if you’d like to participate.

CCW is an internet based organization with 800 plus members - mostly residents and property owners in the Hancock Coastal area. We're concerned mainly with developmental issues – hoping that we’ll rebuild wisely and create a great legacy for future generations. "Keepin' the Coast for our Kids," is our motto. To read more about us, go to:


Many of our members will be your voters and we want them to have a chance to know you better. To help with this, we've planned a new and exciting venue for candidates in the upcoming elections. Here’s how it will work:

1. Contact us now - before the primaries - with your name, phone number and e-mail address. We won't release this information to anyone else. E-mail us at ellis@datasync.com or telephone Karen Eustis at (info for candidates only).

2. After the primaries, we'll immediately e-mail the final candidates with a list of questions related to the future of Waveland - compiled with input by Waveland community leaders and residents. If you don’t have an e-mail address, we can fax it to you (if this is the case, let us know in advance and provide us with a fax number).

3. You'll have one week to e-mail us back your answers. We do ask that you find some way to e-mail them back so that we don’t have to retype them. When you return your answers, we're also asking that you send us a small jpeg of yourself and a short personal profile (100 words or less). If you're not computer savvy, perhaps one of your friends or campaign workers can help. If you have no one you can call on, one of our members will volunteer to help with the computer end of things.

4. We've already set up a website specifically for Waveland public officials. It has sections for each ward and for the mayor's position. We'll post your answers there, along with your profile and photo. In each section incumbents will be listed first. If there’s more than one opponent in a single category, they’ll be listed in alphabetical order. To look at the site, you can go to: www.servewaveland.blogspot.com . The format is all ready to go – all we have to do is put in your information.

5. When the answers from all participating candidates have been put onto the website, we’ll then alert all 800 of our members to the site, urging them in turn to e-mail all their Waveland voting friends. We will also send out press releases to all local media outlets to publicize the site. Since it's a new and novel approach, we expect an enthusiastic response.

THE BOARD OF CCW WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANY CANDIDATE. Our members and other voters will be able to read your answers and make their own decisions. Any candidate who does not contact us before the primary will still be listed on the site with the explanation “chose not to participate.” Any participating candidate who doesn’t return answers before the deadline (after the primaries) will be listed with the explanation of “no response.” After the election, the winners will remain on the website, giving you more connection with the community you’ve chosen to serve.

THIS IS A FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE and we're hoping for 100% participation from candidates. After all, who can afford to pass up an opportunity to get your views out to hundreds of active voters? It will also be especially helpful for Waveland voters who are currently living out of the area due to circumstances and are voting absentee.

We're thrilled to be able to offer this platform to both you and the residents of Waveland. Our hope is to engage as many people as possible in the process of local government - after all - an active community is a healthy one!

As a candidate, you goal is to serve your city and we thank you for your efforts. If you have any questions, please e-mail Ellis Anderson at ellis@datasync.com or Karen Eustis at KEustis@aol.com

The Crew at Coastal Community Watch


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