Waveland City Government

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Your Mayor

Tommy Longo - Democrat

I’m a lifelong resident of the great City of Waveland. I attended St. Stanislaus High School than studied business administration and accounting at Pearl River and Mississippi College. Later, I returned to college, becoming a Mental Health Therapist. I was President of the family Trucking Company until being elected Alderman in 1994. I was blessed to be elected Mayor in 1998.

I’m married to an extremely patient wife Marcia and we have five children - Tiffany, Cali, Johnny, Raven and Mya.

No mayor could be more proud of the citizens he represents or the employees who work diligently every day to increase the quality of life in Waveland. Much has been done, however there is much more to do. Everyday progress is made and with your continued strength and perseverance, our wonderful citizens will have their great city flourishing once again.

May God Bless You.

Mayor Tommy Longo


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