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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

About This Site

This site is a free community service offered by
Coastal Community Watch.

It's designed to keep
the officials and residents of Waveland connected.

During the recent elections,
we used this site as a forum - so voters could learn more about the candidates and make an educated decision. While CCW didn't endorse any candidate, we created the site with a simple set of rules. Click here to read how the election forum worked.

The forum
received rave reviews from residents, candidates and political observers around the country. WLOX featured the site in a broadcast and gave us a link on their own website. The SeaCoast Echo published an excellent article explaining the cutting edge format. Our site was also linked to the award-winning national news site - "Rising From Ruin," by MSNBC. Over 1000 computers (that means over 1000 families) "hit" our site in the few weeks before the election - a huge number in a race that was decided by under 1000 votes.

One internet reviewer said, "think this is a great use of the Web and hope to see a lot more of it. It would be easy to get snarky, take potshots and general rant like so many sites do. This provides a solid service, it seems, for people in that area -- and for those who want to vote absentee and can't be there. I'd love to see the League of Women Voters or other groups try to establish such sites for everyplace in the nation." Click here to read the entire review.

We applaud all the candidates and officials who participated in this new forum. And we congratulate the winners - while your views may vary, you seem united in your desire to "Serve Waveland." (Note: Your "page" will remain up on the site - feel free to add to your comments or address other issues: just click on the "comments" button at the bottom of your personal "page." You may contact us for any other information you'd like us to post for your constituents. )

We'll continue to moderate all comments on this site - which means we read them over before they go "on line." We'll post all questions and positive comments, but any negative "snarky" remarks will be deleted - sadly, even the funny ones.

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